Thursday, March 28, 2013

10 Things You Must Do During Your First Month In Dundee

1. Climb the law

I say climb, but realistically I mean walk. Although at times you'll be shocked that roads can be this vertical without the need for harnesses. At the top you will experience the best view in Dundee as well as realising the city is much bigger than you thought.

Dundee gets phenomenal sunsets, and that's coming from an Orcadian!

2.Visit Clarkies at an ungodly hour.

Clarks 24hour bakery is the compulsory stop on the way home after a night out and provides it's drunken clientèle with not only baked pastries but also chips with any topping you desire or if your arteries are feeling extra elastic then try their helicopter... Between 1am and 4am Clark's is also a great entertainment venue with music, comedy and the occasional fight.

Some of the Creatures in Clarks in the early hours...

3. Enjoy Sundee in Magdalen Green

Dundee doesn't often get a good reputation, people think its a pretty horrible city. However, like any city there are good parts and bad parts but Dundee is like two separate cities. The East end can be very rough, but the West end is gorgeous and Magdalen Green is the jewel in the crown. You will come home with more pictures of the Magdalen green bandstand than you will of anything else, including yourself, in Dundee. 
After the first glimpse of summer Magdalen Green becomes mobbed with pale bodies.

4. Board the Discovery

This is Dundee's main tourist attraction and is the abandoned ship from Captain Scott's expedition to the South Pole, we won't say what happened next as you can find that out for yourselves when you visit. Even if you don't learn anything it's great fun to just look around the boat, just try don't get scared of Ernest Shackleton's ghost who has never left...

5. Cross the Tay Bridge 

This can be the rail bridge by train or the road bridge by car or preferably bike or foot - but beware as it is much longer than you think. The town on the other side is called Newport-On-Tay and the locals get to enjoy a wonderful view of our fine city all year round. Another option is to walk along the waterfront in Dundee which is just as enjoyable.

6. Be a Skint Student

Skint is Dundee Union's ultimate student night where every Tuesday there is £1 entry, £1 drinks but that's not the cheapest thing in there - just check out Mono's dancefloor. Saying that Skint is one of the craziest nights in Dundee but it's not suitable for the sober. If you don't like going out you can still benefit from skint by watching the dishevelled students on Wednesday lectures.

7. Empty your Wallet at G Casino

I'm not 100% sure why, but for some reason poor Dundee Students think it's a great idea to go to a casino after a night at Fat Sams or Liquid and gamble away the rest of their overdraft. Alas everyone should go once even if you only last one round of blackjack. Grosvener Casino is open 24 hours-a-day and is right next to Dundee's biggest nightclubs and since it offers food students naturally head in that direction. Although they leave with a full stomach more often than not that comes with an empty wallet.

8. Look up at Mills Observatory

Other than the Law the other big hill in Dundee is Balgay Hill which is home to Mills Observatory which has regular star gazing sessions. You don't necessarily need the observatory to see the stars though as Dundee is one of the few cities with a fairly starry night. Balgay hill is also a fantastic place for a game of 1,2,3 or manhunt but not a night time walk by yourself as it looks like a classic horror-film setting.

9. Try Baba's sauce

Sunny is a local Dundonian with a tiny indian takeaway which is not nearly a representative of the business he gets. As well as producing amazing curries, pizzas and kebabs he has created his own sauce to accompany them which follows a secret recipe which is almost impossible to even guess. He is currently trying to follow in the footsteps of Levi Roots by getting his sauce into supermarkets which shouldn't be too difficult!
Apologies for the poor photo, it was the only one I had thanks to
my flatmate tormenting me all the way in Canada.

10. Recycling Centre

Tayside recycling is a treasure trove of old furniture, books, maps and anything else you could possibly not need. However if you do need to get something for the household, this is a great cheap place to start. However if you're someone, like me, who just likes to rummage then you will easily enjoy a whole day rummaging through the warehouse.

Things I didn't have room for: The botanics, Frasers Fruit and Veg, Grouchos and the DCA)


steve sweeney said...

Lovely piece. Where is the restaurant and recycle centre?

Colin Steven Adams said...

Love the post - only need to tick the observatory and baba's sauce off my list. You should definately think about writing a sequel / extending it to 20 - there is so much fun to be had in Dundee. Like you said - Groucho's is one of the best things in Dundee and people have to visit broughty ferry beach and journey across the tay to the tiny secret beach at Newport-On-Tay... It is my own personal mission to walk the entire length of Perth Road before I leave!

Rob_K! said...

Maybe the first decent "top 10 things to do as a student" kind of post, GJ :)